House of Florence: a fresh bud flowers on an ancient tree.

The trade mark, the medieval tower-house symbolizes the center
of creative energy linked to a family tradition, expressed in quality
and love for the beautiful.
                    House of Florence “where good taste as at home”
Roberto Gucci, founder and President, following the history and tradition of Florentine entrepreneurial families, has created House of Florence, by combining the competence and the passion of his entire family: Drusilla, his wife, creates and plans the collections; his children, Cosimo, Filippo, Uberto, Domitilla and Francesco, together co-ordinate the different sectors of the firm.
Each article is the result of a refined selection of high quality materials, coupled with ancient artisan tradition. The collections are realized with particular care both in the choice of the colors and in the combination of different materials.
                                                                                             House of Florence “where style is at home”

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