Precious hides that are naturally tanned,
majestic fabrics, Italian silks, precious briar wood,brass and gold.
These are the materials,elaborated,transformed,sewn and assembled by the skilled hands of
the Florentine master artisans according to the ritual of ancient techniques.
All these lead to a unique product,the result of love and tradition,ancient wisdom and innovative technology,entrepreneurial culture and artisan patience.

A ritual based on the quality of the final product,not on the amount of time needed for its manifacture.

                                                        The final object is unique luxury accompanied only by its perfection

The skins are cut manually in order to leave unchanged their natural charatteristics.
They are then shaped on bench models, pulled, modelled and hand sewn with care and rigor.
Our production time is directly proportionate to the result; impeccable objects that rightfully can be placed next to the masterpieces made by our fathers.
All the phases of workmanship are realised with sophisticated artisan techniques: from the "pulling of the threads" to the "hammering of the folds" and the manual seaming of the handles.
The purses, the knapsacks, the suitcases, the belt and all the necessary travel accessories are made with care and an eye to the pairing of different types of natural leathers keeping in mind colours, consistency and filling of the different materials.
Right after the design and creation of the article a full size wood model is made from which templates are obtained, and later used for cutting the leather, keeping in consideration all the curves, the special seams, and the design folds.
As an emerald, the small imperfections in our leather are the proof of its original natural qualities.
All our dyes are natural and applied to the leather respecting its lustre, softness, feel and durability.
Warm, soft and resistant our silk is produced with passion and constant quality controls.
This enhances the colors and the decorating motives of our ties and scarves.
Our precise hardware moulds are used to insure impeccable result.
These finishings are found in all our leather products, increasing their true and unique value.

Quality controls are applied during all phases of the production.
The high definition of the details, the combination of varyins precious skins, the use of natural colours, the techniques and design functionality used: these are our parameters.